Testimonials & Recommendations

Testimonials and Recommendations

Letter of Recommendation: Tampa Bay Business Journal

Letter of Recommendation 2

  1. Vice President/Director of Marketing

    Theatre Tampa Bay

    Miriam Rochford
    Miriam Rochford Freelance Stage Manager

    Adam is one of the most motivated people I’ve had the pleasure of working with, no matter the project. When it’s something he really feels passionate about, you can tell. He has poured countless (unpaid!) hours into improving the Tampa Bay theatre community, and has never said no to a task that might benefit the organization.

    Jon Palmer Claridge Board President at Theatre Tampa Bay

    I was tapped in 2011 to help start TTB after 25 years working in the DC theatre community so I have decades of experience and a wide range of individuals with whom to compare Adam’s skills and initiative. Adam was elected to our inaugural board by the Artistic Directors of the region’s professional theatres for a term beginning in January 2013. As VP, Adam instantly took charge of marketing and social media like a whirlwind. He has proven to be exceptionally motivated and skilled. In the short time we have worked together, he has been a thoughtful, trustworthy colleague, a good listener, and an indefatigable worker. If I were in a position to hire Adam, I would jump at the chance. His demonstrated intelligence and initiative are a rare combination and I expect great things of him over the course of his career. We are lucky that he is giving his time and expertise to our efforts to promote the region’s theatres; he has excelled in every way–I wish I could clone him. 

    C. David FrankelC. David Frankel Assistant Director of Theatre, School of Theatre and Dance, USF

    Adam works tirelessly to promote theatre in the Tampa Bay area through his work with Theatre Tampa Bay. He has expanded the use of social media in publicizing theatre in and around Tampa and has developed several innovative ideas to enhance the marketing of the organization itself. 

  2. Organizational and Creative Consultant

    Melody ManningMelody Manning  Associate at Rebein Bangerter Rebein PA
    Adam is a creative and professional consultant who I hired to assist a witness in his trial testimony. Adam was able to communicate effectively with the witness and collaborate with the witness in a way that made the witness comfortable and, ultimately, produced great results.
  3. Musical Theater Administrative Faculty

    David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts

    Tina James Tina James Community Relations, Marketing & Special Events Professional

    Adam is a passionate theater professional that exhibits a strong personal touch. He is a pleasure to work with and I take comfort in knowing that he understands not only the “art” of the business, but he understands the “business” of the business. These qualities can easily translate to any industry in any occupation. Adam has the ability to motivate those on he team while getting amazing results. And although Adam is never one to draw attention to himself, his positive attitude and respect for others makes him a remarkable person to work with.

    Maggie DiPietra Maggie DiPietra Grant Writer at David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts

    Adam brings the best out in those around him, whether they are his students, fellow faculty, interns, parents or administrators. His flexibility, creative vision, problem-solving and ability to work within budget projections add to his outstanding work. 

    Paul McColgan Paul McColgan Space & Equipment Coordinator at David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts

    Adam is an incredibly skilled teacher. He easily commands and maintains the attention of a room full of students (whether it be 5 or 100) of various ages (Middle School to Adult). He inspires students to try new things, break out of their comfort zones, and not be afraid to fail and learn. He has developed an amazing teaching style that is unrivaled in the Performing Arts, and that could translate into any classroom.

    Artistic Director

    Grandstreet Theatre

    Emma Helminski Emma Helminski Lead Graphic Designer

    Working with Adam is so easy! 

    He knows what he’s looking for and always has some great ideas up his sleeve. It’s refreshing to have someone this creative to collaborate with – the only challenge is keeping up! 

    Xan S. Johnson, Ph.D. Xan S. Johnson, Ph.D. Professor at University of Utah

    As a professional stage director and professor of theatre, I highly recommend Adam Wagner as an outstanding performing artist, educator, administrator, and all round theatre professional. As a guest director hired under Adam Wagner’s watch as Artistic Director, I had an opportunity to see his gifts at work. I am particularly appreciative of his ability to work with preteens and teens as a mentor, genuine and giving. Bravo!  

    Michael Gottleib. DM Michael Gottleib. DM President at G3 Envision

    Adam has superb talent and vision. His directing of Titanic opened new vistas for the Theatre, coordinating cast and crew exceeding 80 members. His personable and open direction encouraged many performers to extend their reach.

    Eugene Meegan Owner, Meegan Small Business Management Consulting

    I am happy, no proud, to be asked to endorse Adam Wagner. 
    I am a Small Business Consultant by trade and am an expert in recognizing and assessing leadership, management, and people skills. Wagner excels in each of these skill sets. If you want a job managed and accomplished, Wagner is your man. When collaborating on a major project together, Wagner handled himself well under stress and managed a very diverse set of people always bringing out the best in each of us.  I would hire, recommend, or work under Adam Wagner if any opportunity were presented.


    Ryan Taylor Ryan Taylor Implementation Consultant at Fast Enterprises

    Adam is an artistic director with a eye for artistic expression and a head for operational logistics. Working with him on live performances are some of the best experiences of my life. Not only were the shows entertaining for every audience member I spoke with, but the rehearsal schedules set up by Adam maximized the balance between accommodating community members availability and the needs of the show. 

    Wendy Blackwood Wendy Blackwood Pharmacy Subject Matter Expert Team Lead at SLG Innovation

    Adam Wagner brings discipline, organization and passion to every aspect of his work. I value his professionalism and his desire to stretch people’s expectations of what they can be. Adam sees the potential in people, and brings that talent out to the best of their ability. 

    Lindsey Jackson Lindsey Jackson Graduate Research Assistant Information Technology Center at Montana State University

    I met Adam while auditioning for a play at the Grandstreet Theatre in Helena, MT. Later, during the play, Adam observed and helped develop the actor’s abilities. He also coordinated a successful marketing campaign. The skill development as well as the marketing campaign contributed to a very strong run of the play. 

    I also observed Adam serve as the Artistic Director for the theater and the director of multiple shows and activities. While serving as an actor, stage manager and audience member, I was very impressed with the skills of the actors and stage crew and with the marketing promotions for the shows and theater. I was very impressed with teamwork and unity of the various cast members of the plays Adam directed. 

    The most notable skill that I believe Adam brought to Grandstreet was to create a cohesive environment in which new and experienced actors could develop theatrical and musical skills. This skill led to outstanding productions with happy actors and audience members!

    Fred Cobb Music Director at Grandstreet Theatre

    Adam is an inspired director who extracts the absolute best people have to offer in disarming and genuine manner. He maintains a positive and encouraging attitude which is pervasive throughout any production, making that production a personal and commercial success for all involved. His gift for comedic timing is exceptional. My experience working with Adam was the pinnacle of my directorial career to date as we were able to work side by side, each of us respecting the vision of the other, and build together an unforgettable spectacle that theater patrons talk about for years. Adam is my friend, my mentor and my inspiration and I look forward to working with him again.


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