DID YOU KNOW? A higher percentage of people are more likely to complain and spread negative feedback to their friends than people who received a good service or product! Well, I ain’t gonna be like that. When I find something awesome, I want others to know about it. I won’t keep it in my secret arsenal.

Have a product or service my readers and I should know about? Comment below! Or tweet me at @AWags627. Let’s spread the wealth and the joy.  Here are my faves:

1Password – “Have you ever forgotten a password?” Yes, you have. This app remembers and protects every login, password, credit card, address, phone number, software key and rewards number. It automatically fills them in when you’re visiting a specific website! And it syncs across devices and backs up your info with Dropbox or the Cloud. I highly recommend this product. It is worth every penny.

I’ll try to update this page once a week with a new endorsement! 

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