About Adam

Adam Wagner is a nonprofit consultant with expertise in film and performing arts organizations based in Houston, Texas.

LinkedIn asks you to name the industry with which you identify most. Hmmm…since “Organizer/Professional actor, director, choreographer/Nonprofit fundraising guru/Notary public/Entrepreneur/Songwriter/Website builder, manager & social media strategist” wasn’t an option, I put it like this:


I have worked in almost every industry except neurosurgery and quilting. I never know how to answer that dreadful question: “What do you do?” What I do is not as important to me as HOW I do it and WHY I do it. For me, it all boils down to these five words.


Disorganization costs money. Lucky for you, I eat, sleep, and dream organizing. I use an online task management application for projects. I create detailed budgets. I get crews of 50+ to organize around a common goal with a unified vision. By simply organizing offices, stock rooms, storage units and desk drawers, I have saved companies a LOT of money. It is what I love to do. The world is a naturally efficient place, but bad habits complicate our lives and prevent progress.

I foster honest and meaningful relationships with people and businesses. I will get to know everyone in the company and community. I always leave a place better than when I found it. Connecting others who need each other is fun, even when there is no benefit for me. I love being that annoying guy who says, “Oh, I know a guy…let me connect the two of you.”

I champion causes. I believe in asking for help for those who need it. People trust me and give me money. I am an excellent fundraiser and will make sure their money is used properly. Achieving goals is way more important than setting goals. Graveyards are full of goal-setters. The time to accomplish is now.

I encourage and inspire people to redefine their limits, to do better than they think they can. Your success is my success. Empowering others only helps me contribute to the world more efficiently. Help others, help yourself.

People are funny. Mistakes are funny. When you can acknowledge how serious you are about something, the better it is to make fun of that fact. And wouldn’t you know, when you’re laughing, the hard work doesn’t seem so difficult. Laughter truly is the best medicine. (And now we can all laugh about how I ended with a cliché).

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