Puget Sound Theatre Exploration Project | Vol. 1

Puget Sound Theatre Exploration Project (or PSTEP) is a personal mission to attend a theatrical event at every venue and by every theatre company in the Puget Sound area. I have always believed that the power of collective creativity can only be harnessed if we actually reach out and explore all possibilities. Artist silos, whether intentionally or unintentionally created, is a slow and destructive force. Let’s explore, get out of our bubbles and see what is out there! We just might learn something…

VOL. 1
As a relative newcomer to Seattle, many of you don’t know me from…well…Adam. But over the past couple of months, I’ve been on somewhat of a theatre binge to get to know you and the spaces in which you play. A critical eye is useful to process things which could be improved in one’s own work, but as an arts advocate, I find it extremely important to support, encourage and be vocal about the positives of others’ work.

I have no allegiance to a theatre company, and I am NOT a theatre critic, but I want to commend the work being done in the Puget Sound. Here is, if you need it, my Late Night Hump Day #tpsSupport:

Annex Theatre A brave step for Kamaria Hallums-Harris in sculpting an tough autobiographical piece in “WANING”. Nabilah Ahmed had some glorious moments and made it all appear so natural.
Seattle Children’s Theatre Loved the innovative storytelling and imaginative set – kudos to the actors and creative team for INTO THE WEST! (Sorry no playbill).
The Pocket Theater I was impressed by a team of “NASTY” improv women and their ability to use spontaneous comedy as a political cleanser. The venue team was also very welcoming.
Seattle Repertory Theatre “Well” was well…incredibly entertaining! Barbara Dirickson stole the show from a recliner and Sarah Rudinoff guided us through Lisa Kron’s life with depth and ease.
The 5th Avenue Theatre Two Words: SECRET GARDEN. Two more: SEE IT.
ACT Theatre “Murder For Two” was such a breath of fresh air, and I’m so happy to see this show produced here. My buddy Joe Kinosian’s music is pastiche yet still sounds new and original. Richard Gray owes me a new pair of pants, because I peed mine from laughing so much.
Seattle Musical Theatre Miranda Troutt as Lois Lane in “Kiss Me, Kate” proved she is destined to be one of Seattle’s triple threats (or beyond). Hats off to music director, Alyssa Taubin, for rocking the band on opening night!
Latino Theatre Projects I adored “26 MILES” – the writing was refreshing. Klara Cerris (another fantastic emerging actress) and Jeff Allen Pierce had some touching moments and I look forward to more of their work!
Pacific Northwest Opera It is such a joy to see an opera singer who is also an actress! I think Ksenia Popova is an operatic force of nature.
Seattle Fringe Festival “The Drunken Tenor” was voted Best of Fringe and I think Robert McPherson has a possible touring hit on his hands. But every comic needs a straight-faced sidekick who also happens to have a spectacular soprano. Also, props to Marissa McKown for directing “Havoc” and forming a true ensemble piece. Rebecca Love & Christopher Quilici had some really nice subtle moments in this piece.
Seattle Public Theater “Grounded” had a great technical ensemble in sound/set/projection and tremendous storyteller in Mahria Zook.

I can’t wait to see what’s next! Sound off in the comments if there’s something supportive you want to mention about an admirable artist that’s doing extraordinary work right now.

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