True Friendship

I have good friends. No, I have great friends. I just spent a week with one of those great friends. One who allows you to be yourself, or not yourself, or your weakest self or cockiest self, or your driven or directionless self, or your most serious self or the most inappropriately disgusting and crude self. One who holds a mirror up and shows you your best reflection and wipes away all of the markings you have drawn upon yourself. One who lets you voice your fears, your demons, your hopes and wishes and longings. One who absorbs your thoughts and feelings to seek understanding.

The bond of true friendship is not regulated by age, gender, or personality type. The only regulations in place are the following:

Be truthful.
Act out of compassion, not obligation.
When asked what your stake is in any decision, be honest.
It’s okay to feel.
It’s okay not to feel.
Admit freely.
Seek a collaborative enlightenment, not judgement.
Allow one another the freedom to change one’s mind.

Any others?

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