TAKE THIS QUIZ! Which Gangster Rapper Are You?

Which Disney character are you?
Which Broadway musical are you?
Which alcoholic drink are you?
What pop star are you?
What Marvel superhero are you? 

What Gangster rapper are you?
Take Quiz

The answer: You need to stop wasting the precious moments you have on this planet and start becoming the person you were meant to be. A real flesh-and-blood human that pursues greatness. Someone who makes a change to the status quo. Someone who leads others to accomplish tasks once thought impossible. Someone who champions a cause. Someone who cares for others. Someone who creates a piece of art, a new technology or a new way of thinking. 

Organize your thoughts. Connect with a friend. Create newness. Inspire our youth. Find the humor in a less-than-ideal situation. 

Don’t let Buzzfeed or Facebook distract you from your meaningful work. It is so easy to do. Use social media as a way to spread a new idea, fight injustice, or truly connect with others. 

And when you procrastinate or get stuck scrolling through the posted lives of others, remind yourself to take this quiz:

How might I change the world today? 
How might I make someone’s day, job or life better?
How might I create value?
How might we embrace each other?
How might we solve this problem? 
How might we use our greatest finite resource: time?

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