HoursTracker App A Must for Freelancers

If you’re like me, I do different types of work for several clients at varying rates. Trying to keep my time sheet clean is important for my own sanity’s sake and to build trust with a client. With the HoursTracker app, I’m able to “clock in” and “clock out” for a specific gig on my iPhone. It calculates the time, the hourly rate, taxes, and my net income. Sorting by job, by month or by tags the user can designate is a dream!

The Pro-version has “Location Awareness” as well, so if you work out of someone’s home or a client’s office, when you are near that location, the app will remind you to clock in!

Every time I clock out at the end of a session, I add comments so I can remember what I’ve done and have a record that I indeed DID do something. At the end of the month, I export a detailed summary to my e-mail and put the information directly in my invoice. It lets my clients know realistically how long certain tasks require AND reassures them I’m not padding my hours. When the clock is ticking, I generally feel responsible to not waste my client’s money. It makes me work faster and more efficiently.

Disclaimer: This app is not recommended for unethical people. This may force you to be ethical and provide your client peace of mind. 

Other awesome uses and tips: 
• Track time spent on hobbies and projects
• Track unpaid work time so when you need to take your home office deduction on your taxes, you’ve got proof!
• Track your hours spent at the office so you can tell your boss, “Um…I’ve put in 97 hours this week. I want a raise.”
• Record the hours you spend practicing your band instrument and see how close you are to the 10,000 hours it takes to become an expert
• Track what your hypothetical income would be if you quit your job and freelanced at your desired rate!

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