6 thoughts on “Attracting New Customers vs. Rewarding Loyalty

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  2. Hi Adam,

    Before I respond to your post, just have to say that I LOVE your photo series with you and the mailbox at the top. Very funny!

    After being in business for over 20 years, I just (as in yesterday) launched my first Client Loyalty Program. I don’t know how it will go over or if this will be a good idea or not. My clients have always been loyal. I’ve never taken that loyalty for granted, but I’ve also never done anything (like a program) to actually reward or thank them in a consistent, concrete way. However, it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

    With one year ending and a new one beginning, this seemed like the time to launch it. There’s a favorite Chinese proverb that goes, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” And so it is with that idea that I move forward with the new ongoing “thank you” program for my wonderful Oh, So Organized! clients.

    If you’d like to know the details, here’s the link:

    • Thank you, Linda! I was worried the picture would be considered “unprofessional,” but you know what, we all need to not take ourselves so seriously!

      Congratulations on trying this new loyalty program. This is perfect for your business. You wouldn’t necessarily benefit from an influx of new customers: you wouldn’t have time and your loyal customers would be turned off by your sudden lack of availability. You want to encourage and appreciate your best customers, and I’m going to guess a majority of your new clients are referrals from current clients!

      Way to not be afraid of change – we all must adapt and change and grow!

      • It shows your fun side…and as Dr. Suess says, “Fun is good.” I totally agree that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously.

        As far as adapting, changing and growing or being afraid of change…that’s an entire discussion. Surely change is a constant. However, there’s change that’s thrust on us and change that we seek out. I guess we each need to find the right mix of being flexible and pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone…being unafraid to try something different or new.

        Thanks for your support about the new program. I’m excited and sure hope my clients are too.

  3. Very good article. I wish I had an amazing story of how a company rewarded loyal employees or customers. The best I had was my first real job: It offered an education benefit, merit raises for innovation, and promoted (mostly) from within, even there, new employees started out at a higher pay grade than old employees. It went out of business after four years (correlation-not causation). Unfortunately the rest of my experiences echo yours, and I adapted myself to the mercenary system of career advancement early on, to the point where the thought of staying with a company for more than three years makes me queazy. As for customers: the value of loyalty is currently measured by the punches on a coffee card. I can’t think of any company that has earned anything more than that from me.

    • Thanks for your story, Wendy. Employees who have been with a company longer find it hard to stomach a new person coming in and making more than them. All leaders should be aware of that.

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